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Other training opportunities

Whether it’s to request a visit from one of our world-leading specialists or discuss an opportunity with our consultancy team, we can support you.

Consultancy and collaboration opportunities

We have a strong interest in working with international hospitals to transfer our specialist knowledge and help develop best practice in key clinical areas.

For all our collaborations, we ensure the development and delivery of a safe, high quality and sustainable service. This requires a multidisciplinary approach with clinical excellence, education and research excellence embedded at its core, with the aim of developing a world-class clinical-academic service.

Below are some areas we can provide consultancy in:

  • Advanced heart failure management.
  • Advanced treatments for severe emphysema.
  • Aortic valve replacement and repair.
  • ECMO and ITU
  • transplantation.

Visiting doctor programme

Our experts are dedicated to sharing their expertise with clinicians around the world and actively participate in our visiting doctor programme where they can help advance the clinical skills of local teams.

As part of programme, one of our consultants will undertake a short visit at a local hospital where they may be expected to work alongside local consultants, hold outpatient clinics, share clinical knowledge, operate on appropriate cases and participate in clinical discussions and/or undertake lectures.   


A selection of our world-leading consultants can provide one-to-one mentoring. Whether it’s clinical or research advice you are seeking, or guidance on your career development, we can support you.

You can regularly visit our hospitals to spend time with your mentor and can also receive support remotely if you prefer.

Would you like to know more?

Please get in touch with our team to learn more about our various training programmes.