Dr Carole Ridge | Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Education

Dr Carole Ridge

Consultant cardiothoracic and interventional radiologist
Specialises in lung tumour ablation, cardiac imaging and quantitative imaging of the lungs.

Dr Carole Ridge is a consultant cardiothoracic and interventional radiologist at Royal Brompton Hospital.

She graduated from University College Dublin and completed her diagnostic and interventional radiology training in Ireland and the United States of America, where she completed fellowships in cardiothoracic and oncologic imaging and interventional radiology.

Clinical expertise

Dr Carole Ridge is a consultant radiologist with a particular interest in lung tumour ablation, cardiac imaging and quantitative imaging of the lungs.

She has specialist expertise in:

  • Cardiac computerised tomography (CT)
  • Dual-energy CT pulmonary angiography of the lungs
  • Microwave ablation of the lung tumours
  • Arterial embolization
  • Vascular ultrasound
  • Oncologic MRI
Research interests

Dr Carole Ridge has vast clinical and research expertise in cardiothoracic and interventional radiology. She is an Honorary Senior Clinical Research Fellow of the National Heart and Lung institute. Her main academic interest is focused on lung tumour imaging and intervention and cardiovascular disease. Her research work has generated over 1300 research citations and her Hirsch-index is 18. In addition, she is an editor for Lung Cancer Journal, and is an invited reviewer for 6 international publications.

Dr Ridge works with international partners and collaborators for further cardiothoracic and interventional radiology research, and understand the pathophysiology and best management of her patients’ conditions.


Dr Carole Ridge has an extensive background in teaching and training in the UK and abroad. Most recently she has been working with the European Congress of Radiology, Radiologic Society of North America, British Society of Interventional Radiology, and European Society of Thoracic Imaging and Society of Thoracic Radiology delivering teaching and scientific abstract selection at international conferences.

  • North American Society of Cardiovascular Imaging Research Award
  • Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Research Medal
  • Radiologic Society of North America Roentgen Fellow Research Award
  • Health Service Executive/Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Audit Award