Dr Chris Orton - RB&HH Education

Dr Chris Orton

Specialises in the management of airways diseases, lung cancer and interventional bronchoscopy.

Dr Christopher Orton graduated from St George’s Hospital Medical School with MBBS and a BSc in Biochemistry and Immunology. Having completed his general medical and respiratory specialty training in London, Dr Orton has worked at prestigious teaching hospitals, including Hammersmith Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, St George’s Hospital, and the Royal Brompton Hospital. Dr Orton has completed a PhD with Imperial College London on the effects of epithelial resurfacing with liquid nitrogen using Metered Cryospray in patients with COPD.

Dr Orton’s NHS base is the Royal Brompton Hospital, a highly specialised heart and lung hospital where he is a member of the lung cancer, and interventional bronchoscopy unit.

Through his continued links with Imperial College London, Dr Orton is highly active in basic science and clinical research, conducting studies, supervising PhD students, and publishing papers in high-impact medical journals.

Clinical expertise

Dr Christopher Orton’s expertise is in airways disease, lung cancer and bronchoscopy including:

  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • pulmonary nodules
  • emphysema
  • asthma
  • acute and chronic cough
  • lung cancer
  • diagnostic bronchoscopy:
    • EBUS (endobronchial ultrasound guided transbronchial needle aspiration)
    • navigation bronchoscopy
    • cryobiopsy
  • Interventional bronchoscopy:
    • endobronchial valves
    • bronchial thermoplasty
    • thermal vapour ablation
    • metered cryospray.
Research Interests

Dr Orton’s current research interests include:

  • bronchoscopic intervention in airways disease including COPD, emphysema and asthma
  • bronchoscopic navigation and ablation of lung nodules/cancer
  • robotic bronchoscopy
  • aerosol and droplet formation
  • bronchial epithelial function and epithelial resurfacing
  • remote monitoring with wearables and bioalgorithm generation
  • COVID-19
  • antiviral therapies.

Dr Orton has published many research papers covering topics such as COVID-19, oral respiratory droplets, breathing in children and chronic bronchitis in COPD.