Professor Nick Cheshire - RB&HH Education

Professor Nick Cheshire

Head of vascular surgery
Specialises in endovascular procedures with a focus on the role of technology in complex aortic diseases.

Professor Nick Cheshire is both a professor and head of vascular surgery at the Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals. He is a founding member of the British Society for Endovascular Therapy and a former council member of the Society of Academic & Research Surgeons and the Vascular Society. 

He is a current and former member of the organising committees of the Charing Cross International Vascular Symposium in London, The VEITH Symposium In New York City, the Multi-disciplinary European Endovascular Therapies (MEET) in Marseille and Controversies/Updates in Vascular Surgery in Paris. 

Clinical expertise

Professor Nick Cheshire is a specialist in aneurysms; complex aneurysms, endovascular surgerylower limb disorders, reconstructive surgery, venous surgery, vascular surgery; abdominal surgery, arterial surgery, and carotid surgery.   

His passion for the role of robotics and technology in complex aortic disease has enabled him to focus on stent design and the manufacture of these stents.  Professor Cheshire is also an expert in genomics and its relation to virtual reality. 

Research interests

Professor Nick Cheshire’s research into robotically controlled endovascular intervention has shown to help inexperienced surgeons gain a better clinical outcome by improved control and ease of learning in their procedures. Not only has he won prizes in the UK, Europe and the USA for his research, Professor Cheshire has also generated more than £12 million in funding. 


Professor Cheshire leads on a national vascular skills training programme for surgeons which has been used in the UK for over 15 years. He pioneered a stent graft repair of the thoracic and thoraco-abdominal aneurysms in the UK. This has proved hugely successful in the reduction of peri-operative mortality by up to 50 percent. His recommendations have been adopted as the model for service delivery across the UK.