Dr Sundeep Kaul | Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Education

Dr Sundeep Kaul

Consultant in intensive care and respiratory medicine
Specialises in respiratory conditions, particularly chronic and acute respiratory failure.

Dr Sundeep (Sunny) Kaul is a consultant in intensive care and respiratory medicine at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals. 

Dr Kaul graduated in 1995 from the University of Birmingham, went on to undertake postgraduate training in Oxford, Leicester and London and studied for a PhD at King’s College London, which focused on non-invasive ventilation and patient ventilation interactions on COPD patients.  

He completed a Darzi Fellowship with accreditation in general internal, respiratory and intensive care medicine. In 2008, he was appointed as a consultant in intensive care and respiratory medicine at Harefield Hospital and currently leads on the lung assessment of the lung division at our hospitals.  

Clinical expertise

Dr Sundeep Kaul’s work and clinical interests in respiratory medicine includes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic and acute respiratory failure, bronchiectasis, allergy, asthma, interstitial lung disease (ILD),  lung cancer, neuromuscular disease, sleep disorders, infections such as tuberculosis, atypical mycobacteria and fungal disease, bronchoscopy, breathlessness, weaning from invasive ventilation, intercostal drain insertion,  pulmonary hypertension and peri-operative optimisation. 


Dr Sundeep Kaul has had numerous peer-reviewed articles published including publications on sleep disordered breathing, non-invasive ventilation in a cardiothoracic intensive care unit, COPD and association with several pulmonary and extra-pulmonary comorbidities, acute respiratory failure in intensive care. 


Dr Kaul is actively involved in supporting primary care with expert talks, as well as delivering courses on acute respiratory failure and non-invasive ventilation in secondary care institutions around the UK. For four years running he has been invited to speak at the British Thoracic Society’s short course on non-invasive ventilation. Dr Kaul has also given lectures on respiratory muscle weakness, motor neurone disease and management of candidiasis in intensive care.