Dr Allie Hare

Dr Allie Hare

Consultant physician in respiratory and sleep medicine
Specialises in respiratory failure, sleep disorders, domiciliary ventilation, and education.

Dr Allie Hare is a consultant physician in respiratory and sleep medicine at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals. 

After graduating from the University of Cambridge in 1999, Dr Hare completed her postgraduate training in 2002 at Imperial College London.  She was awarded a distinction for her work on completion of her master’s in 2013 and continued with the prestigious Darzi Fellowship scheme, with postgraduate training in medical leadership and management. 

Due to further training at the University of Oxford, Dr Hare is able to offer patients a number of treatments including cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTi).  She treats patients for sleep apnoea with continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) and for respiratory failure using non-invasive ventilation (NIV). 

Clinical expertise

Dr Allie Hare is the secretary of the British Sleep Society and a leading expert in sleep disorders.  She sits on the Board and Council of the British Thoracic Society where she is Chair of the British Thoracic Society Education and Training Committee.  

Dr Hare runs specialist clinics in respiratory failure, domiciliary ventilation and sleep disorders to help patients with restless legs syndrome, sleep apnoea, insomnia, periodic limb movement disorder, daytime sleepiness and those with lack of concentration. 

Research interests

Dr Hare’s clinical expertise in non-invasive ventilation has led to a simulator-based training programme for clinicians.  She was awarded an education grant from the European Respiratory Society. Dr Hare is invited to speak on both a national and international platform on the importance of training the multidisciplinary team in non-invasive ventilation and has written a number of articles and chapters on the education and training of clinicians in NIV.  


Dr Allie Hare takes an active interest in sharing her knowledge about sleep disorders and respiratory symptoms and can be seen sharing her expertise in blog, magazine and news articles such as for The Guardian, The Sunday Times and the BBCto name a few. 


Dr Allie Hare is a tutor for the Royal College of Physicians and is the programme director in the local training of internal medical trainees. Her passion for education has placed her in an active role for the education and training of our hospitals’ multidisciplinary team. 

She is also invited in the corporate world to speak about her knowledge and expertise around sleep, health and wellbeing with its effect on work productivity.